Luca Maurer

​Upset, afraid, or frustrated about North Carolina's new law about transgender people and restrooms? Shocked or saddened by similar efforts now gaining momentum throughout the nation? Want to lead a conversation or learning activity on this topic in your organization, workplace, community, congregation, or college classroom? Need some talking points, or an easy teaching tool to help people around you think clearly and factually about trans folks and bathroom access?  

Announcing a free resource: my co-author and I (from our new book The Teaching Transgender Toolkit), with the full support of our publisher, have decided to provide free, open access to the section of our book that's about the importance of bathroom access and how to address questions about anti-transgender bathroom bills.  

The section - Lesson 11, Everybody's Gotta Go: The Importance of Restroom Access, is designed for adult audiences, and helps clarify myths and facts while engaging in an empathy building exercise. The talking points included in the lesson are also useful for everyone seeking to act in allyship in everyday conversations. Download your copy, and please share with all who may be interested.

Soon after we released this lesson free online, we were thrilled to be contacted by the fabulous people at The National Center for Transgender Equality. They were excited to take our "Flush Discrimination" concept to a much bigger level and bigger audience, please check out their amazing work and new campaign!

The Teaching Transgender Toolkit: A Facilitator’s Guide to Increasing Knowledge, Decreasing Prejudice & Building Skills is a comprehensive guide that provides information, practical guidance, best practices, and lesson plans for teaching about transgender people and communities. Learn more and purchase your copy at